“Today in person, tomorrow in the grave.”
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3 Pillars to Give Back

GrandTaiga makes premium apparel inspired by the active lifestyle Utah residents live, an integration of sport, cuiosity, mindfulness, and art. In the spirit of doing more than we say, and leading with a kind heart 5% of GrandTaiga’s revenue goes towards our charitable three pilars.

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5% of Our Revenue Goes Towards Chartable Grants

Pillar #1: The Light Within

Community Support & Gear Donations

Secures and redirects goods from companies, manufacturers, and hospitals and others to give to those in need in the state of Utah & around the country.

Pillar #2: The Joy of Discovery

Mental Health Support Through The Outdoors

Wilderness Adventure Therapy is a dynamic way to break through boundaries, build awareness and establish healthier behavioral patterns. We use our researc backed program to inspire change in our students.

Pillar #3: The Grit to Perservere

Veteran & Freedom Support

Veteran Aid & American Civil Liberties We protects veteran and individual rights and liberties through litigation, advocacy, and educational work.


Does your social media feed need a refresh? As the old saying goes you are who you surround yourself with and today this often means who you follow online. Join today to gain access to group updates, advice, and be apart of a supportive community building a healthy lifestyle.

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